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YuGiOh Single Cards

Ancient Sanctuary
The Ancient Sanctuary set was released world wide in June 2004.
The set gives you access to Aster's most popular cards.
Chaz Princeton
Chazz Princeton is set to ruin any duelists day with his VWXYZ Dragon Catapult Cannon Deck!. Duel like the champs with these cards.
Cyberdark Impact
Reveal the amazing abilities of the Cyberdark Dragons, Zane Truesdale's new army! Two more LV families debut here, along with new additions to the Fiend monster type! The Duels will get so intense, that even Chancellor Sheppard will have to throw his hand
Cybernetic Revolution
Released in August 2005, the set features another Elemental Hero, Machine Monsters, Vehicroids and Cyber Dragon's plus Power Bond to help Summon the ultimate Machine Fusion Monsters.
Dark Revelation
Dark Revelations Volumes 1features reprints from earlier YuGiOh sets. Released in March 2005 the set has 267 cards.
Elemental Energy
This set introduced the GX cards to YuGiOh and the trio of Knight cards.
Enemy of Justice
60 new cards from the hit show Yu-Gi-Oh! GX including a preview of cards from the second season. Jadens “Elemental Heroes” fight against a new Duelists “Destiny Heroes”! The “Cyber Dragons” are joined by 2 new Cyber Monsters plus new Harpie Monsters!
Flaming Eternity
Flaming Eternity was officially released on the 7th March 2005. Full set contains 60 cards including the already much sought after "Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys", "Silent Swordsman LV5" and "Gearfreed the Swordsmaster".
Force of The Breaker introduces a new game play mechanic, plus a new tournament caliber Deck style. 3 tournament-caliber monsters with powerful effects similar to some of the most popular cards of all time.
Invasion of Chaos was released world wide in March 2004. 112 cards to collect including two Secret Rares (000 Chaos Emperor Dragon and 111 Invader of Darkness) and the much sought after Black Luster Soldier, Envoy of the Beginning and Dark Magician of Cha
Jaden Yuki
This set was released in 2006 along with Chaz Princeton.
Japanese Cards
Japanese YuGiOh cards offer some great artwork and are a great collectors item. We stock various cards such as Blue Eyes White Dragon and a number of the parallel print cards.
Labyrinth of Nightmare
Amongst the 105 cards look out for Mage Power, United We Stand, Royal Command, Magic Cylinder and Gemini Elf. Was originaly released in the US and then made available in European form.
Released in the early Summer of 2003, the set introduced a host of effect monsters. Last Turn, Injection Fairy lilly, Airknight Parshath, Yamata Dragon, Yata Garasu and dark ruler Ha Des
Legend of Blue Eyes
The original English language version set that started the YuGiOh experience. It still sells well, especially the US version that, with 125 cards, contains 23 more than the European version, including cards like Pot of Greed. This is the set that brought
Metal Raiders
Metal Raiders, with 144 cards, was one of the largest sets, with cards such as Gate Guardian, Summoned Skull, B. Skull Dragon, Mirror Force, Horn of Heaven and Thousand Dragon.
Pharonic Guardian
Released July 2003, Pharonic Guardian has 108 cards including the two usual secret rares, Ring of Destruction and Lava Golem. Others worth looking out for include Great dezard, Guardian Shinx, Question, Rope of life and Nightmare Wheel.
Power of the Duelist
Meet Jaden's new army of monsters, the Neo Spacians! And these Monsters bring with them a new power, Contact Fusion, which takes your monsters and fuses them without the use of Polymerization! Aster and Syrus are also back and they are bringing all new De
Premium Pack 1
At last the English version of the Premium Packs are here. The Pack1 cards were released in October 2007.
Rise of Destiny
Rise of Destiny came out on 20 November 2004. Full set contains 64 cards including the 4 great Special Edition cards and 60 new fantastic cards including the already much sought after "The Creator", the Harpie Lady set and the Ultimate Rare versions .
Shadow of Infinity
This set saw 60 fantastic new GX cards including some of the most powerful monsters ever unleashed such as the powerful Emperors who are the GX equivalents to the God cards!. This set builds upon many familiar themes such as Cyber Dragons, Ancient Gear cr
This set introduced the Fabulous Ultimate (called Parallel in Japan) Rare cards for the first time outside Japan. These cards have extra holo effects and there is one for every Rare, Super Rare and Ultra Rare in the set. They are very hard to find so the
Spell Ruler
Spell Ruler also known as Magic Ruler was the 3rd YuGiOh set released.
Strike of Neos
Witness the justice from Neospace, and behold the Strike of Neos. This set brings loads more awesome YuGiOh cards to the game, including more Elemental Heros and Neo Spacians. Ritual monsters and Normal become better than ever with new support cards.
Tactical Evolution
Launched in August 2007 this set adds 90 new cards to the game. With 90 cards it is the biggest new set seen for a while.
The Lost Millennium
Released in June 2005 in America.
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