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Star Wars Miniatures

Star Wars™ Miniatures span the Star Wars Universe and provide characters from the six films. These include machines, starships, monsters, individual characters and droids. They come as Common, Uncommon, Rare or Very Rare, With the latter two versions being very much sought after.
2007 Starter Set
The brand new starter deck for Star Wars Miniatures, launched in July 2007. An ideal format to introduce you to the world of Star Wars Miniatures.
Alliance & Empire
For over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic. Before the dark times. Before the Empire...
Attack on Endor
On the forest moon of Endor the last great conflict of the Galactic Civil War is about to take place. The Empire has terrible weapons on its side, but can it prevail?
Bounty Hunters
Take your quarry alive with the greatest collection of fearless and inventive bounty hunters (and other scum and villainy) from across all eras of the Star Wars saga. These lawless characters, including new Huge figures add another dimension to your battl
Clone Strike
The Clone Strike set draws directly from the creatures and characters from the Clone Wars era of the Star Wars timeline. It oncludes figures from Episodes I and II of the Star Wars films.
Rebel Storm
The Rebel Storm set provides all the starting materials a player needs to become familiar with the Star Wars Miniatures line. This entry pack draws directly from creatures and characters from the classic era of Star Wars, including Episodes IV, V and VI o
Starship Battles
Conquer the hyperspace lanes with the best fleet of starships you can muster from all eras of the Star Wars saga. Drawn from the landmark films, the computer games, the comics, and the novels, these starships give you a whole new way to decide the fate of
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