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About Us..

We are not a bricks and mortar store, in that we mean we are not a store that you can walk into and make a purchase. What is the reason for this you might ask and the answer is that by running the store in the format that we do we can pass the savings that we make by not paying rent etc onto you the customer by keeping our overhead expenses down.

Now who are we? you may ask.

Asgard Trading Cards started its life on Ebay in early 2006 selling a limited selection of YuGiOh cards, where it was renowned for it's competetive prices and fast delivery. Within a period of months we had branched out into gaming miniatures and other cards such as Magic the Gathering. It soon became apparent that the store was booming quicker than we had ever imagined and that we needed to move away from Ebay to maintain the low prices.

So we began the slow move away from Ebay into this store, the only reason it became a slow move was that we never quite realised how long it would take to load the extensive and ever growing stock list on. It also took a couple of months of selection to find the right company to accept payments and in the end we opted for PayPal. The main resons for this choice were that they could provide a secure payment environment, which accepts various payment options and it costs you nothing to make the payment.

The prices you see are compared constantly against the other online stores and we endeavour to better the prices of the other stores. Admittedly in some instances we cannot better the lowest price but we will match it. We source our merchandise from more than one distributor to obtain the best price that we can. The reason being that we can then pass on these savings to our customers. You may sometimes find we are low in stock with some cards or miniatures, but this is normally due to either the suppliers prices being too high or the item is no longer produced by the manufacturer. Even when the later is the case we scour the various distributors around the world to obtain the last of these products, but again only if the price means a saving to you the customer.

The world of Trading Cards and Collectors Cards can be a confusing place for the first time buyer or buyer looking at getting some cards for somebody else. You can find the card you are looking for and then find up to four versions of the same card and all with varying prices. The price difference is due to the rarity of the card. We are strong believers in selling only the card or cards that are suited to the buyer, so if you are looking for a card drop us a line at our enquiries e-mail address

and tell us what you are looking for and who you are buying for and we will point you in the right direction as to the most suitable card and in some cases an alternative. We won't sell you the most expensive card for the sake of it, and sometimes we will even advise you not to buy a card. No we are not MAD but just HONEST. There is no point in spending your money on an expensive Rare card which could be damaged in normal play within a short period of time. If a cheaper alternative exists we will point you in it's direction.

Discounts are offered by many stores either off of your current order or a future order. The provision for these is that you make a minimum spend and before you know it you have ended up spending far more than you intended to. We don't offer discounts because we have in most cases made our prices much lower than the other stores.

We ship to anywhere in the World and have customers from Australia to Mainland America to Europe. Though we are still looking for our first customers at the North and South Poles.

Since 2011 we have branched out more into Miniatures, and are providing a variety of figures, upgrades, buildings, basing materials etc.

If there are any miniatures based products that you are after, which aren't in stock or that we don't stock please contact our dedicated miniatures team at

If are any other items that you are after and can not find it in the store please email us at

We always try and endeavour to find the best price that we can for you.

Happy shopping

Steve (Owner of Asgard Trading Cards)
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